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Producers call on government to implement B30 biodiesel policy

While the implementation of the 20 percent blended biodiesel ( B20 ) mandatory policy needs fine tuning, biodiesel producers want the government to increase biodiesel content in fuel to 30 percent early next year.

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Gov. Ricketts Welcomes EPA Approval of E-30 Pilot for State of Nebraska Vehicles

Today, Governor Pete Ricketts and state agencies welcomed news that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has approved a project requested by the State of Nebraska to study the use of higher ethanol blends. In the pilot program, the State of Nebraska will study the use of E-30 in conventional vehicles owned by the state.

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ePURE: New data shows record GHG reductions from European ethanol

European renewable ethanol association (ePURE) members produced 5.84 billion liters of ethanol and 5.71 million metric tons of beneficial coproducts in 2017, according to new audited data released by the industry group.

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Indonesia´s 2018 biodiesel exports seen at around 1 mln tonnes - assoc

Indonesia´s exports of unblended biodiesel this year is seen at around 1 million tonnes, up from around 300,000 tonnes last year, an official at Indonesia Biofuels Producer Association (APROBI) said on Thursday.

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Indonesia considers B30 biodiesel mandate to reduce palm oil stocks

Indonesia is exploring the possibility of imposing a 30% blending mandate (B30) on biodiesel in order to whittle down the country’s stocks of both biodiesel and palm oil.

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German Jan-May Biodiesel sales rise 12.9% on year, ethanol sales up 7.6%

January-May biodiesel demand in Germany gained more ground than both diesel and ethanol, rising 12.9% on the year to 946,224 mt, the latest data from German export control agency BAFA show.

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June sales of E10 gasoline in France set fresh record high at 393,000 cu m

June sales of E10, a gasoline blend with 10% ethanol, in France set a new all-time high at 393,000 cu m, according to the National Association of Agricultural Alcohol Producers (SNPAA).

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Indonesia accelerates use of B30 biodiesel fuels

The government plans to accelerate the use of fuel with 30 percent biodiesel content (B30 biofuel) in the transportation sector by next year from the initial plan of 2020, an official has said.

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