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Airports, airlines join Putrajaya´s fight against anti-palm oil lobby

The Malaysian aviation industry has joined the government´s efforts to counter the anti-palm oil campaign in Europe, with airports and airlines ready to bring Putrajaya´s “Love MY Palm Oil” tagline to foreign visitors.

The Ministry of Primary Industries today said Malaysia Airports Holding Berhad (MAHB), Malaysia Airlines, Malindo Airways and AirAsia would spread the campaign´s message using various channels including digital screens, in-flight magazines, entertainment systems, as well as on product displays.

“I am glad that MAHB and the airlines have displayed their patriotism by supporting our campaign to further elevate the image of palm oil,” its minister Teresa Kok said after a meeting with officials from MAHB, Malindo and Malaysia Airlines at her office in Putrajaya today.

The “Love MY Palm Oil” campaign was launched to instil greater appreciation for Malaysian palm oil amid a major campaign in the West.

The commodity is Malaysia´s top export to the European Union, representing 49% of the region´s imports.

But the European Parliament, citing concerns over deforestation, had approved a proposal to ban palm oil in biofuel beginning in 2021, a decision that could affect the millions of oil palm growers in Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand.

Kok said she hoped others will step forward to help the government fight the anti-palm oil campaign.

“I hope many more industry players will come forward and join us in this cause to protect our nation´s largest commodity that has been the source of livelihood and jobs for three million people in Malaysia.”

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